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Nyon. Laging Pagod.
jameichao said:
Hello, Ice! I'm Jamei, a Chinese girl. I ship Bertmir with you. My friends on weibo rarely ship this couple so I came to twitter and tumblr. And I just right now found you've followed me on twitter. Thanks for your following and nice to meet you! I think we could share our thoughts or something about Bertmir :)

Hi Jamei :) Thank you for following me here and on twitter :D ! YAY FOR BERUYUMI! Cheers! 


My first sasuhina comic, inspired by the recent manga cover. :) I hope there aren’t any mistakes, english isn’t my first language. cheers ;p

More <3




I actually finished it!! It too me longer than I hoped it would but still! It was originally going to be different but I like this version better. I hope it looks okay, I kind of rushed it at the end. But anyways

Here have some Pastel!Armin 


Kisses kisses kisses, aaaaah! :3 Um, yea I need IchiRuki, so I decided to draw them <3

Inspired by some arts from dA. Kill mey, I don’t remember artists :(

BTW. Old Ichigo looks like Isshin XD

The Art of Disney Golden Books (x)


Have a great day


screencap redraws, thank you free-caps

what the hell is a dried up youthful fame anyway

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